Dynamis Group

Name of the internship: Junior International Researcher

Description of the internship

This internship will expose you to international activities on a daily basis and you will have the opportunity to interact with and acquire knowledge from some of the strongest leaders in the world.

Responsibilities and skills:

• Defining roadmaps, doing targeted research and identifying key people according to the specific project mission.

• Getting in touch with and scheduling calls with targeted individuals through different channels, including phone calls, emails and social media network.

• Actively participating in the ongoing process of evaluation, pre-selection and final presentation of the defined shortlist.

• Preparing profiles and presentations according to the given company standards.

• Engagement in business correspondence with candidates and clients.

• Supporting the Consultants with business development activities

Working hours

The internship will be on half day basis (between the hours of 9 and 6)

Duration of the internship and type of scholarship:

2 months and full scholarship for Talent Factory Camp

What can you offer the young person?

• Positive and encouraging team environment

• Multi-cultural and cross-industry international exposure

• Opportunity for personal development and one-to-one mentoring




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