Talent Factory Camp

Rising Stars

1-7 August 2022

Talent Factory Camp Rising Stars is a 7-day format for academic and career guidance based on individual personality traits. One extraordinary week in the heart of Pirin mountain, where young people from different towns, nationalities, and cultures get to know each other, exchange experiences and make lifelong friendships.

What workshops does the
camp include?

Visioning & Identity / Visioning & Values /

✔ The SMARTER goal setting method

✔ 3 levels of change

✔ Preview: “Meeting my future self”

✔ Formation of a 10-year vision (Visioning) and mini-habits

✔ Activity: “Shopping from the store of life”;

✔ Defining my values / what makes my daily life meaningful today /

✔ My personal story;

Life like a movie - what makes me happy?

✔“ The Passion Test ”- A tool №1 in the world for detecting the desires of the heart (Passions)

✔ Defining the TOP 5 passions / desires of the heart

✔ Productivity and application of my desires in everyday life;

Multiple intelligence

✔ Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligence

Clifton Strength Finder

✔ Theories of talent

✔ The role of the environment in the development of talent

✔ tool № 1 in the world for identifying talents and turning them into strengths / 34 topics / talents/

Talent management in social interaction

✔ My definition of talent

✔ Manifestation of my personal talents

✔ Dynamics of leadership – leader or follower

✔ Personal mission

Art workshop

You will be able to discover your Talent Factor, based on everything you have been through. The workshop is based on the Japanese concept of a happy life Ikigai, literally meaning “the reason to exist”, adapted for a purpose-driven career.

Individual sessions

Each participant will be able to get an individual consultation with a focus on purpose-driven career..

Panel with guest speakers

You will have the opportunity to meet 3 guest speakers with extensive business experience who will share their stories, the difficulties they went through, the lessons they learned. There will then be held an open discussion followed by Q&A session.

“It is not true that people stop pursuing their dreams because they are getting older. They grow old because they stop pursuing their dreams.”

Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

What are the activities?

What do you get as a result of 
Talent Factory Camp Rising Stars?

Recommendations and feedbackfrom trainers

Talent Pull internship programs

Participation in the community of Talent Factory Club

Where does
Talent Factory Camp take place?

Talent Factory Camp is held in the beautiful Pirin, in the area of Popovi Livadi at 1450 m above sea level. Our beautiful campus covers an area of 17,500 square meters. What you will find when you arrive at the complex are ancient pine trees,  barbecue, sports grounds, rope garden, places for recreation and entertainment. All this will be available for you as one of the selected participants in Talent Factory Camp.

Who are the trainers?

Martina Velvet

(Founder of Jagadamba Academy, co-founder and artist at Storycatchers Theater, and trainer at Leader Academy) Educator and Facilitator with experience in England, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland, Latvia. She holds a Master's degree in "Social Theater and Psychodrama." Certified lecturer in Suggestopedic Methodology developed by doctor Georgi Lozanov. Upgraded in the areas of positive psychology, gameplay, experiential learning, interactive theater and psychodrama. Martina has an extensive practical and coaching experience in the field of personal development, coaching, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills of the 21st century.

Andrey Iliev

is a co-founder of Leader Academy and Samodiva Masterminds. He has been involved in social entrepreneurship for more than 10 years. His academic experience went through a number of universities, including: Technical Universiti - Sofia, Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”, Universidad de Granada, Spain, Aarhus University, Denmark and American University in Bulgaria (AUBG). He received a "Rising Star" scholarship from the American University - Blagoevgrad for an Executive MBA for his contribution to Social Entrepreneurship and graduated successfully with the cohort 2020/2021.
His domains of interest are Cognitive Development and Mental Health and does workshops on Team Strengths & Talent Development, Happiness at the workplace, Storytelling, Sleep, and Cognitive processes like Memory, Attention, Focus, and Habits formation.

Eleonora Dervenska

is a researcher of human manifestation in search of meaning and high vibration. Her main experience and interests over the last twenty years are in the integration of creative potential in start-up companies and entrepreneurial projects, as well as the development of development strategies, business models for the application of flexible modern management structures and logistics.
Eleanora graduated in Communications and Psychology with a master's degree in Business Administration, majoring in Management and Leadership. Works in many educational and youth projects, teaches more than seven years Creative Process Management at NBU, covering theoretical and practical implementation of design management strategies and application of business models in creative environments. Eleanor practices as an internationally certified Human Design professional, with extensive parallel experience in the fields of human psychology, meaning generation and semiotic lines of individual perceptions. She has dedicated herself to the development of talent and human capital in the partnership and team interaction in the organization and management of projects and structures with variable group dynamics.

Stoyan Yankov

is a personal and team productivity coach and co-author of the book "PERFORM: The Unsexy Truth about (Startup) Success" with Cristobal Alonso (CEO, Startup Wise Guys). Stoyan specializes in corporate coaching and start-ups, and since 2015 has helped more than 300 companies create more productive teams and form and articulate mission and values or corporate culture. His experience also includes working in film and video production, creating first-class events and building international business networks. Today, Stoyan helps companies and individuals with personal and group productivity workshops and has been a speaker in more than 30 countries to date, sharing stages with some of the most influential leaders such as David Allen, Guy Kawasaki, Salim Ismail and Deepak Chopra. He is also a managing partner at Samodiva Mastermind, a company focused on the well-being and productivity of companies by organizing exclusive experiences and team retreats. Stoyan is also the creator of the Productivity Mastery podcast and host of The Leaders Who Care podcast. He has a master's degree in Finance from the University of Aarhus - BSS.

Victoria Stanimirova

Has a master's degree in Landscape Architecture with a master thesis on the topic: "Park development of the theme park 'Five Elements' next to the University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark". She is also the co-author of an academic article on "Permaculture - a sustainable practice in the circular economy".
Her interests in health and nature met her with the ancient science of Ayurveda, enrolling in a two-year course "Fundamentals of Ayurveda" with Dr. A. Zarkova. From there she draws knowledge and inspiration as the basis of the workshops she does at Leader Academy. Her work at the academy also includes managing work processes, organizing and coordinating events, as well as working with people and selecting participants for the exclusive bootcamps - Talent Factory Camps.
Another important aspect in her professional development is organizing and improving the working environment in companies by incorporating natural elements. The goal is to enhance work capacity, reduce stress in the workplace and stimulate the work processes through creativity.Her personal mission is to inspire people to improve their quality of life by bringing nature and creativity into their daily lives.

Who are the guest lecturers?

Yet to be announced

Carla Bugosen

Carla Bugosen holds a Licentiate degree in Business Administration with an specialization in Human Resources from Universidad del Pacifico (Lima, Peru). She graduated with honors (2nd place) and is currently pursuing a second degree in Psychology at Universidad de Granada (Spain). She has more than 7 years of professional experience un Human Resources at the most biggest economic groups in Peru.

She started her career as an HR Corporative Controller, dealing with the budget, organizational structure and KPIs for 7/15 countries of the corporation.
She was then promoted as an HR Business Partner, at the field of organizational psychology, working at personnel recruitment, selection, compensation, talent development, and culture.

She also performed as a Talent Acquisition Coordinator, where she semi-automated the recruitment and selection process with technological resources. Additionally, she cocreated a new design for the Employee Value Proposition based on Customer Profile and other quantitative&qualitative methodologies. She currently performs as a Senior College Counselor and as an Employability Consultant.

Finally , she’s got 3 notes published at a prestigious Management Newspaper in Peru about competences required to be employable, a new - disruptive - model of value proposition so the enterprises can retain top talents, and the importance of the face-to-face interaction at organisations for generating continuous value.

Lector 2 to be announced

Lector 3 to be announced

The price of Talent Factory Camp Rising Stars: BGN 1,500.

Upon approval, the young person can be sponsored by a company and receive a full scholarship or 50% of the amount of the camp.

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